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Our Storage Services

Able Moving & Storage encourages all customers in Arlington VA considering storage to visit the facility. A guided tour and explanation of the storage process will provide you with peace of mind, and allows us to show you our clean, neat, and well organized storage facility. You’ll also get the chance to meet our wonderful staff.

Able Moving & Storage owns and operates 4 large warehouses located at 8050 Wellingford Drive in Manassas, Virginia. The warehouses were built specifically for storing household goods, office furniture, and equipment. Goods are stored in wooden storage vaults or on steel racking. Proper padding and shrink wrapping are applied to all of your goods as appropriate, and the goods are then placed in vaults or on racks.

Secure Storage Services

All four warehouses are inspected regularly by the Department of Defense as well as the Department of State, and must meet their stringent requirements. Able Moving’s secure storage facilities are fully protected by secure fencing, monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. Our secure, state-of-the-art warehouses feature the very latest in fire and theft protection as well as trained, full-time staff. Every year the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases a comprehensive guide for small businesses looking for inexpensive ways to improve security. Security cameras, onsite personnel, and well-lit areas are obvious solutions but Able takes it a step further for our Arlington VA customers. Every Able facility is protected by a tall, barbed wire fence and all entrances to our storage facilities have computerized access. When potential criminals visit an Able storage facility, they see they are unable to rob any storage units.

Clean Storage Services

Another reason why Able Moving & Storage is the first choice when looking  for storage services in Arlington VA is that our storage units are the cleanest in the area. Our storage units are routinely cleaned to prevent mold infestations. Exterminators make sure that no cockroaches or other insects develop colonies in the darkness of your storage unit. The only thing in an Able Moving & Storage storage facility is whatever you put in there!


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