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America is one of the largest countries in the world so no one can fault you for wanting to spread your wings and explore. For some explorers, they will decide to throw down permanent roots. For those, it pays (and saves) to hire a moving company like Able Moving & Storage to handle your long distance moving needs. Driving across the country is already stressful enough and you don’t want to have the extra stress of lugging an U-haul behind your car. And once you arrive after your long drive, you will have to unload all your own possessions. That’s a lot to ask any person. That’s why so many people coming in or leaving Bethesda MD have relied on Able Moving & Storage’s professional long distance movers.

Able Moving & Storage routinely carries out both long distance moving and short distance moving depending on our customer’s needs. Not all moving companies will travel long distances due to certain business regulations, a limited license, a low number of available vehicles, or because of the higher expenses that would incur on the company. Always verify that a moving company offers long distance moving movers before taking the next step.

A successful long-distant moving experience requires good planning as well as flexibility. From the very first phone call you make to Able Moving to the day of your Interstate move, we leave nothing to chance. We stay in close contact with you throughout the entire process, including move day. At Able, our goal is to provide excellent, stress-free services at an affordable rate. From the free, no-obligation, in-home estimate, to pad wrapping all of your furniture before it leaves your home, our dependable long distance movers are trained to treat your belongings like their very own!


What to Expect from Our Long Distance Movers:

With over 30 years long distance moving experience going to and from Bethesda MD, we know not everyone has a lot of time to prepare. If you want your valuables to be taken care of, trust our professional long distance movers and packers to get the job done. Here are some more details of what we offer for our customers moving to or from Bethesda MD:

1)    Packing:  Packing can be laborious work. Did you know it makes up one-quarter of your moving expense? Yep. If you don’t pack your belongings well then it may get damaged, so you end up paying a heavy price. On the other hand, our professional movers are trained to pack with speed, efficiency and the care needed. What may take you weeks to complete may take our professional movers only a few days.

2)    Your belongings are both safe and insured:  Your belongings are as precious to professional long distance movers as it is to you. Able Moving & Storage have over 20 years of experience and are trained well for the task. Also by hiring our professional movers, your personal belongings are insured. We use special wrapping equipment for all furniture to ensure it stays clean and undamaged. It is definitely comforting to know that your belongings are in safe hands.

3)     Use of the right equipment:  Doing it yourself is fine. But what you must understand is that the truck that you might use will not have the right equipment to move your stuff safely and with ease. Our professional long distance movers use special equipment that makes it easier to transport your belongings in a faster and safer way. By using this equipment, they decrease the chances of someone getting hurt and also ensure your belongings don’t get damaged. So whether it is a glass cabinet, moving an L-shaped couch out of your door or dismantling your furniture, our professionals will handle it.

4)    Accurate estimates:  Moving companies charge you by estimating the cost of the distance between your current location and the new one, and any additional services you need, like storage for instance. So surely a local move costs less than a move to a different state. Our movers will discuss moving and service cost before the moving begins to make sure you are both in agreement.

5)    Storage Facilities:  When moving, you might come across a situation where you have to leave your current home in Bethesda MD (or move to Bethesda MD) earlier than expected, which could also mean that your new location might not be ready to receive your stuff. In that situation, our professional movers will provide you with secure storage services to keep your stuff overnight for as long as you need.

Hiring a professional moving company is better than doing it yourself. It is hassle free, poses a lesser health hazard and saves you time and money. So hire professional long distance movers to get the job done. Professionals like Able Moving & Storage. We’re here for all of your long distance moving needs!  Able Moving and Storage uses a fleet of late model tractor trailers to transport customer belongings across state lines. Because Able Moving is an independent mover serving Bethesda MD, the only limitations to consider are the geographical regions that Able Moving serves. Because Able Moving travels within a set radius, there is a strong likelihood your shipment delivery will take less time than a traditional van line, which has to wait for several shipments to fill out the truck.

If your looking for professional packers and movers, give Able Moving & Storage, Inc. a phone call when you’re ready. Our estimates are free and our employees are friendly!

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